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What Makes Women Run For The Hills

Empowerment Coach Suzie

run for the hillsI often get email from my readers and clients about how women seemed to be repelled by them.  They don’t understand why these women seem to slip through their fingers.  I also asked women not too long ago what they want in a partner and what they don’t want.  Essentially, what makes them run for the hills.  I get it, I mean I’ve met men that made me run the other way and, I will admit, some men have run away from me … yes, I know, hard to believe LOL … but it’s just part of our humanity, we are attracted to some people like magnets while we are repelled by others like the plague.  It’s completely normal.  So what is it that makes women run for the hills?  Well, I’ll tell you …

Run, Forest, Run …


Nothing is worse than a desperate man.  A while back…

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