Happy Monday!

happy catHappy Monday,

If you know anything about me, it’s that I insist on being happy every day. I have two teen-agers(one in college), plus a 10 year old special needs son. Don’t think for one minute that I don’t have serious challenges in my life. Please don’t think that happiness comes on it’s own. I don’t play victim. When I meet new people they can’t tell that I’ve been married a couple of times, they can’t tell that my heart is broken because my 17 year old son doesn’t want to live with me. You do not have the right to think that you should have received an easy life.

I went to a funeral last week and I’m going to my aunt’s funeral in 2 days. Horribly sad, death, upset family, old memories. Of course I will cry at the funeral. I will cry genuine dears, I loved her very much! I will have red puffy eye’s and cry my make-up off, probably. I might think about death and my fate, my children, my loved one’s.

But with that being said, it makes me so happy to think about everything I have in my life! I know who I am and I don’t apologize for that. Please click on the link and read the article, really read it! Let me know if you find it helpful and can apply it to your life. I truly wish that everyone could be as happy as I am!

Life is good, be happy


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