Guy Time: Day Two

So cute 🙂


Happy Caturday!    Well, yesterday was alright but I did remind Dad SEVERAL TIMES that today is one of my favorite days and just because Mom wasn’t here I did NOT expect to give up that FAVORITE thing of mine!!

He told me last night that he will be making bacon and eggs this morning.  Eggs?  Pffffft for me but bacon – well – a weekend without bacon is just no weekend PERIOD.

Speaking of bacon, I wanna show you something my Mom got for her birthday from her SUPER good friend Miss Michelle at MY THREE MOGGIES……and it was SPECIALLY MADE for my Mom by Mollie’s Mom in her wonderful online store HERE !!   You can order a plaque too and I’ve gotta tell you – Mom and I just LOVE this one (for obvious reasons!!):



Recognize the picture of me at the bottom? 


Anyway, bacon will soothe…

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