He’s a Keeper

A reblog from a close friend of mine. Some day I will find my prince 🙂


Amazing is the best word I can think of to describe this last weekend.photo (21)

The special someone that I’ve been getting to know/dating over the past 6 weeks took me on a little over night trip to this wonderful place about 3 hours from home.  We stayed at this cute little lodge right across from the beach.  The weather was perfect, romance was in the air and he “Wow’d” me like I have never been “Wow’d” before!  The weekend consisted of walks on the beach, gazing at the beautiful star filled sky, delicious dinner in a quaint restaurant, lots of laughs to the point of tears streaming down my face, champagne, and rose petals.

I’m beginning to realize what I have been missing out on all this time when I was settling for being treated in a way that was less than I deserve.  I had begun to think there…

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