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Who Wants to Date This Winner?!?!

I swear to God, my jaw dropped reading this dating profile! Who in their right mind would actually put this in writing for the whole world to see! He should be ashamed of himself. These are the kind of people who bring bad karma to themselves. This guy obviously has issues. I have a lot to say about ignorant people, but I will make this brief today. I’m so tempted to put up his identity and his photo!! Notice his grammar and punctuation:

looking for athletic, honest women:
“I love the outdoors, animals, and motocross. Its important to me to be able to trust someone.I want some one to love, some one to hold, someone I can be there for to go through this life with. I speak fluint spanish I have lived in Costa Rica, Gaqutamala, and Mexico. I have traveled alot about 8 years. I just moved here and a looking to meet someone. I want to find a nice person who has a open mind and a loving heart. If you weigh over 135 pounds forget it.”

Non-smoker with Athletic body type, 40 year old Man, 6′ 1″ (185cm), Christian, Caucasian, Blonde hair, actively seeking a relationship, Education: High School, Profession: heavy equipment operator.

What a great representation of a “Christian” man! LoL! This is the kind of man I classify as an “ass”. I’m 5’7″ and a proud 145 lbs.! I feel sorry for your sir. Continue your sad, shallow, lonely life alone!

Life is good, stay away from ignorant people

Zucchini Crust Pizza

zucini crust

You know I love my veggies! Veggies aren’t just steamed an put on your plate. Sometimes they are turned into amazing elements of a main dish. That’s the case with this recipe. Yum ,yum, yum! Don’t make veggie’s out to be the bad guy. If you like them, your kids are more apt to at least try them. Or, don’t even say anything about the veggies, just serve them up.


Life is good, eat your veggies