Spicy-Edamame-II 11 4 13

I could eat edamame day and night! This spicy recipe will warm your taste buds and fill your tummy!

Ingredients (SERVES 2)
1/2 lb (227g) frozen edamame in shells
1 tbsp. canola oil or grapeseed oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 tsp. chili paste (Sambal Oelek)
1 tbsp. M1nute Miso Organic – Sweet

1.Prepare edamame according to package instructions. Transfer cooked edamame to a big bowl.
2.Heat vegetable oil in a small frying pan over medium heat. When the pan is hot, add garlic and chili paste and cook until combined and fragrant. Add M1nute Miso Organic and mix all together for 1 minute.
3.Remove from heat and pour the spicy miso mixture over the edamame and toss to coat. Serve immediately

Life is good, eat edamame


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