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Why You Should Let Them Walk Away and Peace Out

Empowerment Coach Suzie


Did someone leave you high and dry and you’re distraught? I know the feeling. It sucks. Especially when they peace out when you need them most in your life.  I had that happen to me recently.  But people are like that and you know what I say? Let them walk away.  Don’t sit there feeling sorry for yourself.  Don’t hold a grudge. Don’t let their selfishness or whatever it is that made them leave place an unnecessary burden on you.  Obviously they aren’t worth it and you know that.  Not everyone is a good person and you deserve good people in your life. But you knew that already!

Let Them Walk Away

Let-Them-Walk-AwayIf someone doesn’t want to be in your life why on earth would you still want them there.  We have this nasty habit of remembering the good times and conveniently forgetting the bad.  Why is that? We miss…

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