Significant Other or Insignificant Other? How Do You Know?

Friends-this is so true! I totally agree with this article.

Empowerment Coach Suzie

Ever wonder where you stand with someone? Is defining a relationship necessary? Well, I think at some point you do need to know.  Often times we end up in relationship limbo because we don’t want rock the boat or we end up in a “relationship lite” situation where we kinda sorta are in a relationship, but not really … wait isn’t that friends with benefits? Ya, I thought so. Significant other or insignificant other? What is that really? Well, a significant other is “a person with whom someone has an established romantic or sexual relationship”. So the actual word significant means that whatever it is that’s significant is important, it has meaning. It means you’re an important part of their life. Insignificant other? Well, you guessed it, it means unimportant and inconsequential. So what happens when you’re not sure if you’re significant or insignificant? Well, you…

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