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A Note From a Child

I found this note on my computer last week, along with some cash. I’m glad my middle child doesn’t have “middle child syndrome”! He knows he’s loved, hahaha!



That’s my daughter in the background. We love to play dominoes! We don’t have much opportunity, usually we play on holidays or the occasional week-end. We play “race-horse”. Meaning, if you score (by 5’s), you have to play again. If you put down a double, you must play again. If you can’t play from your hand, you have to take dominoes from the “bone-yard” until you make a move. It’s a quick game, and we usually play around 6 rounds, or until 300 points. It’s a great way to spend time with loved one’s, and it’s Fun!!

DIY: Lace and Flower Initial

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Everyone wants their space to be a reflection of their personalities, and if your personality is feminine, flirty and a little shabby chic, you’re going to love our latest DIY. Our cool, customized initial uses faux flowers and lace that look beautiful when paired together. You can make an initial that matches your personality by varying the trims. Use grosgrain for a preppy look, or jacquard for something more vintage-chic.


What You’ll Need:

5.25” Floral Pattern Chantilly Lace

6” Chantilly Floral Lace

Wooden Letter

Fake Flowers

Sobo Glue

Hot Glue Gun

Paint Brush


DSC_00061. Cut your lace into pieces.


DSC_00112. Paint the Sobo Glue onto the letter.

DSC_00143. Gently lay the lace over the glue. Pat down. Let dry.

DSC_00214. Place on the letter in different spots, and glue down with the hot glue gun.


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Happy Birthday Psycho!

Can you believe that this beautiful cat is 18 years old today!?! Look at those inquisitive eye’s! Psycho has two humans, Jean and her husband Kelly. The family lives in San Jose, CA, originally from Chicago. Due to illness, Psycho’s sister, Sleepy, passed away about a year ago. Over time Psycho has managed to adapt to the new family dynamics, and go on without her sister. Psycho loves the two humans she lives with and tolerates her dog sister, Layla.

Online Dating: it’s complicated.

I totally relate to this post, so I’m re blogging it!



I’m really struggling with this whole online dating rubbish. I’ve had an on and off relationship with this online dating site, due to the fact either guys terrify me to the point where I delete my account, to finding a decent guy who turns out to be an absolute psychopath. Either way, my experience has not been as rewarding as I’d hoped, and whilst others are finding guys successfully on the site, I’m still sat at home making my way through a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

I have strict rules, as a result of this, for guys who message.

1.) I never ever reply to “Hey” messages. Or anything along those lines. For example, “Hey there gorgeous, you have nice eyes”. This implies they haven’t read my profile, and have only looked at my pictures. Plus, I know I have nice eyes, you don’t need to tell me. Jeeeeees.

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