Daily Archives: June 20, 2014

I Need To Vent!

Why Are People Such Assholes? I just really need to throw this out to the universe. Sorry if you are offended. If you are offended, you’re probably an asshole, sorry, truth hurts.

Men, women and even children have been known to be a assholes (or dicks). It doesn’t seem to matter their social economical background, race, religion or gender. For some reason I have encountered several interactions with assholes the past week!

Lying, cheating, insecure, daddy issues, I don’t give a shit!! Everyone has issues, and most people grow up and become responsible for themselves and stop blaming others. Find help for yourself. Just because you had a bad childhood doesn’t “entitle” you to be a dick! You are not entitled to be disrespectful to others, you are not entitled to judge people based on their appearance, and you are not entitled to think that you are better than anyone, EVER!

Further more, assholes, stop crying, complaining and feeling sorry for yourselves. Buy your own meals, buy your own drinks, stop sucking the life out of successful people who don’t have time for your pathetic excuses! I’m an unmarried mom with 2 kids in college and a disabled boy, not to mention I work full time, volunteer, and take classes at night. Most people don’t even know those details of my life. Why? because I don’t want to be labeled as “sad single mother”. Successful people don’t need other’s approval, pity, sympathy or help to feel good about themselves. Get over yourself!

Assholes I have 3 words for you….GET A LIFE!

Oh, and have a great week-end everyone 🙂