This seemed kind of funny at first, but then it made me sad! Fremont St in Las Vegas, last week. So many naked men (mostly old and/or over weight), taking pictures in hopes to get money from the crowd. The night before I was on the strip watching high rollers throw down $100k for a single bet, then I go down the road a bit to see this. If nothing else, it makes me realize how fortunate I am to have the life that I have. Please, do NOT take your young children anywhere near Las Vegas, not ok!


4 thoughts on “WARNING-GRAPHIC!

  1. Let me guess–those are things, too? So what’s the deal, anyway? Do you pay them to cover up? To go away? Vegas seems like a nightmare to me–i can’t stand gambling and concrete churns my soul. Sigh. What goes on in Vegas will hopefully stay in Vegas, and I plan to stay the hell away.

    1. You pay to have a picture taken with the men. Honestly, I wouldn’t get close to them, but there were people embracing them in a picture. I hadn’t been to Vegas for about 8 years, and I could easily wait another 8 before going again, hahaha. It was just a fun week-end with the girls, super cheap to go to Vegas from where we live. I kept to my daily gambling ration. I look at it as $20 worth of entertainment each day. The smoking is what kills me. I’m asthmatic, and the smoke is challenging. It’s like being in Germany or France, everyone is smoking, inside, outside, yuck! I was appalled to see children in Vegas!! One night going up to my room at 12:30am waiting for an elevator, my friend and I were greeted by a 10 year old boy, alone. Who in the hell would let their child roam Caesar’s Palace alone, and at night?!? My four girlfriends and I had a great trip, mostly because we love spending time together, not because we were in Vegas. Vegas is definitely not for everyone :/

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