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Oh Hazel!



Happy Caturday! Maui and Hazel


You can see that Hazel lifted her chubby self out of her “drawer” to look out the window!

My daughter and her boyfriend are cleaning out the bedroom next door to this room, it will be the Cat Cave! I can’t wait to see how the cats like it, I think they will love it! I got the cats a “cat condo” that they will be able to climb on πŸ™‚

Best Friends!

Maui and Hazel are getting along better and better! Maui doesn’t like when Hazel tries to groom him, but she keeps trying. Maui likes to sleep in Hazels desk drawer, but Hazel doesn’t put up with that. Maui has taken over Hazel’s spot in Pat’s bedroom window, he enjoys watching the neighborhood hustle and bustle. Hazel moves her sleeping spots around the house all day, wherever the sun has moved to.

“It’s friendlier with two”
-Pooh Bear


adopt a cat

Please be a responsible person and stop ordering cats and dogs! That is absolute craziness! If you are a TRUE animal lover you will adopt, save, rescue-how ever you want to say it. Stop breeding for money! Shame on anyone who collects money for such a thing. You, in essence, take part in the death of each of the animals who don’t get adopted.