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Johnny and Ralph

Johnny made himself comfortable on my bed with Ralph. John handed me dvd which usually means that he wants to watch it. He normally doesn’t watches movies in my room, but no problem. I eventually was able to make my bed and spruce up my room, hahahaha.

Happy Birthday Psycho!

Can you believe that this beautiful cat is 18 years old today!?! Look at those inquisitive eye’s! Psycho has two humans, Jean and her husband Kelly. The family lives in San Jose, CA, originally from Chicago. Due to illness, Psycho’s sister, Sleepy, passed away about a year ago. Over time Psycho has managed to adapt to the new family dynamics, and go on without her sister. Psycho loves the two humans she lives with and tolerates her dog sister, Layla.

Introducing Ralph


Despite Ralph’s worn out appearance, he’s not very old. I’ve had him for 7 years. My late grandma gave him to my middle child, who at the time was 11 years old. Sad to say that my grandma past away, and this is literally the only thing I have from her, so I took Ralph for myself, my son forgives me!! Hahaha.

I can’t sleep without Ralph! This is probably why I am still single after being divorced for so long, oh well. An ex-boyfriend actually slept on the couch because he didn’t like the competition of my stuffed animal. Seriously? Ok, you have issues sir! Ralph was never IN the bed during adult time-what’s the freaking problem?!? Needless to say, that man is no longer in my life. It feels nice to hug something while sleeping. The right man for me won’t create issues with Ralph. So, in a way, Ralph has protected me from getting too involved with the wrong man, almost as if grandma is guiding me from the “other side”. You will be seeing more of Ralph ๐Ÿ™‚

Holding an Angel

Johnny laid on me in the recliner while we watched the Stanley Cup Play off’s, Montreal vs. NY Rangers. Johnny would close his eye’s at times. Sometimes he would just lift his head and rest his chin on my chest and look at me and smile. Look at his beautiful wavy hair, and his cute button nose! Can you tell I’m in love? I’ve never known such a love as this before ๐Ÿ™‚ (not that I don’t love my other two kids, hahahaha!)

What’s wrong with this picture?


My co-worker, Voon, was very nice and made some home made tofu-rice noodle for me to take home! So yummy. Voon had put a rubber band around the glass dish to keep it closed for my travels home.

I had my portion for lunch! When I got home from work, I served my daughter a bowl-full. I noticed my mom had put the food into a smaller, plastic bowl, trying to be helpful, I’m sure. I knew Sara would love it! I heated it up, served it to her while she was doing homework. Then she called me back “Hey mom, come here really quick”. That’s when she showed me the rubber band that looks exactly like the rice noodle!!

Hahahaha. Oh my. That’s what happens when mommy is on auto-pilot and trying to get things done!

Signs Of Happy Times



These ugly cookie sheets mean more to me than a mess to clean up! It reminds me of all the years my mom spent with me, teaching me how to bake. My 3 children (ages 20, 17, 11) still love to help me in the kitchen, or at least be the first to take a hot cookie off the cooling rack!

I took a 1/2 dozen to my nail girl today. Want to know a way to an angry, hurt or lonely person? HOME MADE COOKIES!

Ps. I will be blogging a new, fantastic cookie recipe very soon! (peanut butter with Nutella, swirl!)