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Driving My Disabled Son Around Makes Him Happy, and I’ve Made Money!

It Will Take A Special Man

Sure, this is a funny picture. That is my son Johnny, pinching my sisters boyfriend’s nose, haha! Johnny is special needs and often does silly things like this. He loves everyone, hence him sitting on Bryan’s lap. This convinces me that I will find a partner who can embrace my son the same way Bryan does. I won’t settle for a man that simply “tolerates” Johnny. I want a partner that accepts, interacts and embraces Johnny. I have to believe that there is someone out there for us πŸ™‚

Wish You Were Here

My youngest, Jonathan can’t travel long distances due to his medical condition, so he will stay home with grandma, grandpa, and auntie Mel. Leaving Johnny behind is a horrible feeling. As a mom, I want all my kids with me all the time. I miss him terribly already!! But if I don’t go, I will regret not going, and I will regret not giving Sara and Ben opportunities to grow socially and culturally. I haven’t spent a lot of time with Ben since he moved in with his dad 6 years ago, which has broken my heart.
So, I’m off to London today with Sara and Ben!! We have a layover in the north west (no, not Kim Kardashian’s baby! hahahaha), then straight away to Heathrow! Praying for safe travel and smooth flying! I will see you soon London! I will see you in 17 days my sweet Johnny xoxo

Introducing Ralph


Despite Ralph’s worn out appearance, he’s not very old. I’ve had him for 7 years. My late grandma gave him to my middle child, who at the time was 11 years old. Sad to say that my grandma past away, and this is literally the only thing I have from her, so I took Ralph for myself, my son forgives me!! Hahaha.

I can’t sleep without Ralph! This is probably why I am still single after being divorced for so long, oh well. An ex-boyfriend actually slept on the couch because he didn’t like the competition of my stuffed animal. Seriously? Ok, you have issues sir! Ralph was never IN the bed during adult time-what’s the freaking problem?!? Needless to say, that man is no longer in my life. It feels nice to hug something while sleeping. The right man for me won’t create issues with Ralph. So, in a way, Ralph has protected me from getting too involved with the wrong man, almost as if grandma is guiding me from the “other side”. You will be seeing more of Ralph πŸ™‚

Holding an Angel

Johnny laid on me in the recliner while we watched the Stanley Cup Play off’s, Montreal vs. NY Rangers. Johnny would close his eye’s at times. Sometimes he would just lift his head and rest his chin on my chest and look at me and smile. Look at his beautiful wavy hair, and his cute button nose! Can you tell I’m in love? I’ve never known such a love as this before πŸ™‚ (not that I don’t love my other two kids, hahahaha!)

Signs Of Happy Times



These ugly cookie sheets mean more to me than a mess to clean up! It reminds me of all the years my mom spent with me, teaching me how to bake. My 3 children (ages 20, 17, 11) still love to help me in the kitchen, or at least be the first to take a hot cookie off the cooling rack!

I took a 1/2 dozen to my nail girl today. Want to know a way to an angry, hurt or lonely person? HOME MADE COOKIES!

Ps. I will be blogging a new, fantastic cookie recipe very soon! (peanut butter with Nutella, swirl!)