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Almost Friday!

Normally I save my “coffee” inspired posts for Monday, but this has been a tiring week. Why are some days so darn hard to get out of bed?? Life, I guess. Not that anything bad has happened, work and kids are doing well. Je ne sais pas. I’m going to get my 2nd cup of coffee now. Have a great day everyone πŸ™‚

I met a friend in the shade…

I was at an Art and Wine festival this week-end in Alameda, Ca. It was pretty warm for the area, loud, crowded, no where to sit. My daughter was starting to get over heated when I found a little Italian man holding a welcome sign to a restaurant. He was tucked in a little tiny bit of shade. He was very nice, so I took a selfie with him, hahahaha.

Book Stop-Shop and Swap!

I saw this and pulled over to take pictures. This is in Santa Cruz, CA.
This is a relatively new thing I’ve seen in the Bay Area.
Free books! You put one in and take one out, or vice versa. This amazing book case had adult books on the top………..
And kid stuff on the bottom! This is the fanciest one I’ve seen. Typically they resemble more of an open bird house on a pole. Now that I know this one exists, I’m going to take some books over and maybe find one to read πŸ™‚ I’m sure these have been in other parts of the world long before we’ve had them here! Super cool though.