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This Tea Taste Like…

Ugh, I try to eat healthy, and be good to my body. I’ve started drinking tea a couple times per week. I love the idea of detoxing, so I thought I would try this tea. It tastes like the bottom of an ash-tray! So disappointing. I don’t know if I will try and finish the box of tea, but for now, I will count on my daily cup of coffee that brings me so much pleasure in the morning πŸ™‚

Let Me Explain…

I come home from work to find my mother holding this yellow onion with a face! My daughter, 21 years old, says “grandma, why does that onion have a face?” My mom said “Oh, well, I drew the face because the onion reminds me of a boy I went to school with who I called Onion Head.” Hahaha, OMG! Ok, so the boy never knew he had a knick-name of Onion Head, but he must have left a big impression on my mom!
Fortunately or unfortunately I inherited my mom’s strange sense of humor, which is why I took a picture and posting it on my blog.:-)
This is not the first time I’ve found my mother drawing faces on food! Haha!


This seemed kind of funny at first, but then it made me sad! Fremont St in Las Vegas, last week. So many naked men (mostly old and/or over weight), taking pictures in hopes to get money from the crowd. The night before I was on the strip watching high rollers throw down $100k for a single bet, then I go down the road a bit to see this. If nothing else, it makes me realize how fortunate I am to have the life that I have. Please, do NOT take your young children anywhere near Las Vegas, not ok!


My daughter and I were at the Orange County airport waiting for our plane, and we saw the luggage cart drop this piece of luggage. Ugh, probably ruined someone’s day. The woman driving the cart was driving like a mad woman, it’s no wonder only one piece of luggage fell off. An airline employee picked it up, but took it in the opposite direction that the woman had been driving. I will never again take for granted that my luggage makes it to the carousel!

I Need To Vent!

Why Are People Such Assholes? I just really need to throw this out to the universe. Sorry if you are offended. If you are offended, you’re probably an asshole, sorry, truth hurts.

Men, women and even children have been known to be a assholes (or dicks). It doesn’t seem to matter their social economical background, race, religion or gender. For some reason I have encountered several interactions with assholes the past week!

Lying, cheating, insecure, daddy issues, I don’t give a shit!! Everyone has issues, and most people grow up and become responsible for themselves and stop blaming others. Find help for yourself. Just because you had a bad childhood doesn’t “entitle” you to be a dick! You are not entitled to be disrespectful to others, you are not entitled to judge people based on their appearance, and you are not entitled to think that you are better than anyone, EVER!

Further more, assholes, stop crying, complaining and feeling sorry for yourselves. Buy your own meals, buy your own drinks, stop sucking the life out of successful people who don’t have time for your pathetic excuses! I’m an unmarried mom with 2 kids in college and a disabled boy, not to mention I work full time, volunteer, and take classes at night. Most people don’t even know those details of my life. Why? because I don’t want to be labeled as “sad single mother”. Successful people don’t need other’s approval, pity, sympathy or help to feel good about themselves. Get over yourself!

Assholes I have 3 words for you….GET A LIFE!

Oh, and have a great week-end everyone πŸ™‚