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Happy Birthday!

A birthday card for my boss…
Oh my!
My boss and I have been working together for a long time. We have the same kind of sense of humor, ha!


Happy Birthday Psycho!

Can you believe that this beautiful cat is 18 years old today!?! Look at those inquisitive eye’s! Psycho has two humans, Jean and her husband Kelly. The family lives in San Jose, CA, originally from Chicago. Due to illness, Psycho’s sister, Sleepy, passed away about a year ago. Over time Psycho has managed to adapt to the new family dynamics, and go on without her sister. Psycho loves the two humans she lives with and tolerates her dog sister, Layla.


My co-workers have a really funny way of wishing me a happy birthday, hahahahaha! I’m not saying I won’t drink it, but I feel oddly awkward opening that gift at school!! And yes, I stuffed it back in the gift bag right away!! LoL!
If you haven’t tried this whisky before, it’s rather tasty. I had it about a year ago at my friends 50th birthday party. Alcohol is very fattening, so I don’t drink it too often. But I do look forward to sipping some of this before too long 🙂