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Who Wants to Date This Winner?!?!

I swear to God, my jaw dropped reading this dating profile! Who in their right mind would actually put this in writing for the whole world to see! He should be ashamed of himself. These are the kind of people who bring bad karma to themselves. This guy obviously has issues. I have a lot to say about ignorant people, but I will make this brief today. I’m so tempted to put up his identity and his photo!! Notice his grammar and punctuation:

looking for athletic, honest women:
“I love the outdoors, animals, and motocross. Its important to me to be able to trust someone.I want some one to love, some one to hold, someone I can be there for to go through this life with. I speak fluint spanish I have lived in Costa Rica, Gaqutamala, and Mexico. I have traveled alot about 8 years. I just moved here and a looking to meet someone. I want to find a nice person who has a open mind and a loving heart. If you weigh over 135 pounds forget it.”

Non-smoker with Athletic body type, 40 year old Man, 6′ 1″ (185cm), Christian, Caucasian, Blonde hair, actively seeking a relationship, Education: High School, Profession: heavy equipment operator.

What a great representation of a “Christian” man! LoL! This is the kind of man I classify as an “ass”. I’m 5’7″ and a proud 145 lbs.! I feel sorry for your sir. Continue your sad, shallow, lonely life alone!

Life is good, stay away from ignorant people

11 Things You Only Get To Experience When You Are Single

single-doesnt-have-to-meanI found this article on WordPress.com Most of my friends are married and yeah, sometimes I feel left out. BUT, on the flip side, there are things us “single” people have that the married people don’t.

I’m not saying single is better than married or vice versa. It’s just nice to be reminded that there are really cool things about being single. Like, say for example, taking a sudden trip to France! My daughter and I did that a couple months ago. Or how about, changing cell phone providers without having to check with anyone. Wait, one more…knowing that I can do life without a partner and still be totally happy and love every day of my life, pretty cool, right?

I’m not saying that I would like to be single forever, but my life experiences over the past 10 years wouldn’t be the same had I been married or had a partner. Some things in life you can only learn by being single.

For all my single readers, this is for you! I hope this article speaks to you. This article is written from a woman’s perspective, but it applies to men just as well.

1. Butterflies.

2. Jumping on your living room couch after getting *that* text.

3. Automatically having the most exciting stories/life of most of your friends.

4. Spending two hours primping before a date (what I consider to be one of the greatest activities of life).

5. Imaging the future as something new you’ve never thought about before, before you get to know all the annoying faults and character flaws of the person you’re dating.

6. Getting to experience all 32 flavors of men. It’s probably awesome to settle down forever with someone, but hopefully you get to indulge your Hot Dad or Guy From Europe fantasy first.

7. Fast-track self discovery. Nothing helps you learn about yourself more than conflict and difficult experiences. Break ups, make ups, having to figure out life all on your own- these are all more conflict + self-discovery producing than being able to sink into your relationship when life gets tough.

8. The satisfaction, when you finally settle down, that you are doing it because you took your time and met the right person.

9. Knowing that your whole life could be dramatically different a month from now.

10. Learning things you’d probably never learn if you had someone around that would just do it for you. Ex: I know how to use a drill and fix a small amount of things on my car.

11. Doing whatever the hell you feel like, all of the time, and not answering to anyone about it.

Life is good, be happy

This post originally appeared on PhiLOLZophy.

By Johanna de Silentio August 6, 2013