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To Be (depressed) or Not To Be, That Is The Question


This was my response to the article called “Yay Sudden Depression” written by Humans Are Weird.

“I must admit, the title of your post offended me at first, which is why I read it, LoL. I have to respectfully disagree with portions of your article.

If I don’t fight my depression with everything I’ve got, my depression swallows me alive. It’s my belief that no two depressed people are alike. We may have the same diagnosis, but it manifests in different ways.

The key to taking care of one’s depression is recognizing that you are, indeed depressed. For the longest time I thought I was just a bitch! Everything and everyone irritated the sh*t out of me. I had no patience, and was very self centered. I catastrophised everything! Everything was devastating and the end of the world. Not a fun way to live.

I had been diagnosed with anorexia and social anxiety at the age of 16, but no one ever told me I was depressed. You may ask “how did you not know you were depressed?”. Well, I guess because I thought that my feelings and attitude was just the way God had made me. Like I said, I thought I was just a bitch.

Once I was told that I had depression, I was actually relieved. This means I can be treated and maybe feel better! SURPRISE, YES! Ta-da, like magic my life changed for the better, oddly enough.

Yes, I do fit the mold of the typical depressed person; misunderstood, artistic , looking to fit in and be accepted. Being creative is definitely therapeutic for me, no doubt. Also playing the piano and flute release much of the bad feelings inside.

I enjoyed your article overall. Thank you for discussing an important topic.”

Life is good, be happy.