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Driving My Disabled Son Around Makes Him Happy, and I’ve Made Money!

Holding an Angel

Johnny laid on me in the recliner while we watched the Stanley Cup Play off’s, Montreal vs. NY Rangers. Johnny would close his eye’s at times. Sometimes he would just lift his head and rest his chin on my chest and look at me and smile. Look at his beautiful wavy hair, and his cute button nose! Can you tell I’m in love? I’ve never known such a love as this before 🙂 (not that I don’t love my other two kids, hahahaha!)


My Sweet Angel


This is my youngest child, Jonathan (Johnny). He suffers from a brain condition with a really long name. He’s 11 years old, but I swear he’s lived before!! He is non verbal, and I’m convinced he can see spirits. He is absolutely obsessed with airplanes! You can see he loves this airplane book so much, it’s taped together in some sections, hahaha. To know him is to love him. He is literally my sweet angel on Earth.

A truly hateful human!

I am re-blogging this disgusting letter. I cannot believe that there are such pathetic losers in this world! Whoever wrote this is going to reap their karma, no doubt.

While we never wish our children to be special needs/disabled, there’s something magical about them that is difficult to explain unless you meet the person.

I hope this letter sickens you as much as it has me. Because the good people of this world need to take a proactive roll in society and not tolerate bullying of any sort.
Unbelievable Hate Mail Written To Family Of An Autistic Child .

Aug. 19, 2013

By Christopher Hudspeth

Many of you may have seen this by now as it’s making waves on the web, but it’s important enough that we should all share it to show just how ugly human beings can be, and perhaps remind ourselves to be a little bit nicer in general. Above is a picture of an anonymous letter that a neighbor apparently wrote to the family of a 13-year-old autistic child. It was slipped under their door on Friday in Ontario, and the grandmother of the boy received it. It’s almost so incredibly terrible that I’d like to believe it’s fake, and that a person couldn’t possibly be so mind-bogglingly rude, ignorant and vile. The scariest part about it is that they’re supposedly a parent, meaning they’re raising and guiding a young person with their blatantly damaged moral compass. If this is in fact a real letter that someone actually sat down, wrote, and delivered then that’s a truly disappointing notion. Not only that they shared it, but that these are actual thoughts someone had in their narrow, moronic mind.