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3 Times Useless!

I bought this watch on http://www.zulily.com a couple weeks ago. I liked it because it has 3 faces, it’s cute, and a good price. When I travel I like to have the multiple time-zones on one watch. I was so excited to wear my new watch! I had already decided to set the middle watch to my local time. I had plans to set the upper watch to UK time, the lower watch, maybe Hawaii time. I proceeded to set the middle watch, then I was going to set the UK time. I couldn’t manage to pull the crown out to set the time. I tried a few times, then flipped the watch over to find this….wpid-20141204_194709.jpg
OMGosh, are you kidding me??? Hahahaha!! I’m sure there was a tiny excerpt in the description somewhere that states that the watch is a single working watch. My bad for not reading the product information thoroughly. I’ve worn the watch to work a few times, but it messes with my mind! Somethings are time sensitive at work, and the upper and lower watches always say 10:10. It’s a cute watch, so I will probably wear it again 🙂 Live and learn.