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Fall Time On My Front Porch.

I really enjoy decorating for each season/holiday.  I will leave my fall/Halloween decor on my porch until Thanksgiving weekend, then I will put winter/Xmas for a few weeks. 

Do you decorate? Which areas, where do you purchase your decor from? Leave me comments below!!


Driving My Disabled Son Around Makes Him Happy, and I’ve Made Money!

Furniture with soul

I am addicted to restoring old pieces of furniture that I find. Each piece of furniture that I refurbish has a story to tell. This chair was full of horse hair and springs, dating back to somewhere around the 1930’s.

I found this beat up rocking chair sitting in the street, for free. For less than $40.00, I gave this old girl a lift, a tuck and a snip! I chose not to fix every nook and cranny because I want some of the wear and tear to show, some of it’s history. I had some left over fabric, so I made a quick pillow.





That’s my daughter in the background. We love to play dominoes! We don’t have much opportunity, usually we play on holidays or the occasional week-end. We play “race-horse”. Meaning, if you score (by 5’s), you have to play again. If you put down a double, you must play again. If you can’t play from your hand, you have to take dominoes from the “bone-yard” until you make a move. It’s a quick game, and we usually play around 6 rounds, or until 300 points. It’s a great way to spend time with loved one’s, and it’s Fun!!