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Original Art-By Audrey Briggs

I painted this “Dementor” on 9.5″x7.75″ piece of birch wood. Inspired by the Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Using acrylic paint, once dry the piece was covered in gloss, for a glass look (difficult to see in the photo). The Dementor is set in front of the full moon, just after Prof. Lupin transforms into a werewolf.


Really Cool Art!

I came across this huge painting in the basement of an antique store. It was a bit creepy down there, but then I saw this beauty!

This piece is actually a print, set inside the frame with glass on the top.

The thing that caught my eye is what’s on top of the glass. It’s like they took “scribbles” and highlighted some area’s on the outside of the glass, to give it a really cool 3D effect.

Art-By Audrey Briggs (2nd piece)


I am donating 2 pieces for the Rochester Contemporary Art Center’s Annual 6×6 Exhibit. This one, simply named “Pinwheel”, will be available for purchase in New York or on-line for $20 bucks. This is press-board, 6″x6″, acrylic, with a high gloss finish. This has a black background with several soft colors making the pinwheel design. Inspired by a Pinwheel Nebula. I love outer-space and science. The backside is affixed with a saw tooth hanger for easy hanging.

Most of my acrylic painting designs are based on how I’m feeling that day, simple as that 🙂

“Fancy Cat”, by Audrey Briggs

Audrey's Cat


Original art, by Audrey Briggs

I created this piece with mixed media. I used six layers of the fancy toile tissue paper on the upper section. Tearing it, laying it flat, blow drying between layers. The lower section consists of crumbled up tissue paper glued on to the canvas. Lastly I painted, a somewhat, abstract orange cat, right in the center. Over the course of a month, this took about 10 hours to complete. Super fun. The piece measures 16″ x 20″. It’s hung above my bed 🙂