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Hi Memphis!

Happy Caturday! Isn’t Memphis beautiful!?! He belongs to my nieces Jessica and Katie. I haven’t met him in person , but the girls have told me that he’s quite a character, LoL! Jess and Kat wanted him to be the cat of the week on my blog, so here he is. Have a great week-end everyone ๐Ÿ™‚


Happy Birthday Psycho!

Can you believe that this beautiful cat is 18 years old today!?! Look at those inquisitive eye’s! Psycho has two humans, Jean and her husband Kelly. The family lives in San Jose, CA, originally from Chicago. Due to illness, Psycho’s sister, Sleepy, passed away about a year ago. Over time Psycho has managed to adapt to the new family dynamics, and go on without her sister. Psycho loves the two humans she lives with and tolerates her dog sister, Layla.

My Favorite Flower

Last week was teacher’s appreciate, my birthday and mother’s day, hahahaha. Needless to say, I received a lot of goodies. I don’t know what it is about the smell of the lily that makes me go to a “happy place”, but I love the smell! Several people have told me to take off the anthers off the filament (see photo below) inside the flower, and the flower will stay perky much longer. And it really works!

Monterey Bay Aquarium. Monterey, CA

jellies 2

I took these pictures a few weeks ago when my daughter and I went to Monterey for the day. I lived on the coast for a long time and have seen jelly fish so many times, but I am always fascinated by them. There are tiny jellies and HUGE one’s! If you ever come to central California, Monterey should be one of the top 3 three places to visit!