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A Look Back

Top Of The Mark at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco, California (1941).10429265_717970648300010_5217197172121229041_n

Current day. Costs range from $214.00 per night to $3,700.00 per night.


Best Hotels in San Francisco : http://www.hotelz.tv/search/United-St…


Vietnamese Lunch, Part 2



My daughter, her boyfriend and I went out to lunch in Alameda, California. We went to a Vietnamese place called Pho Singh http://www.phosinh.com The tofu sandwich was hands down the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my life! I was hesitant to order it at first because of all the carbs between the bread and the tofu. But to my surprise, this sandwich was worth every calorie and every single carb!

The bread was fresh, crispy outside, but soft at the same time! In the sandwich was tofu, long strips of skinned cucumber, green and red peppers, carrot sticks, cilantro and a fabulous anjou type of sauce. The sauce caused the sandwich to be slightly drippy, but oh man was it fantastic!