This is me, at the end of a school day. My eye’s are tired. I can’t see with or without my glasses. My vision isn’t bad, but I stare at a computer all day, every day. I need my regular glasses to see the computer and “readers” to see the papers I’m looking at on my desk, hahahaha.

I recently went to the eye doctor, but he said bi-bifocals aren’t good for me because I’m already kind of “klutzy” and trip over my own two feet! I’m so frustrated.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’m listening!!.


3 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Hope this helps….what about trying a kind of exercise for your eyes by looking up for a few seconds? Kind of a yoga or stretch for the eyes I guess??

    Also, I found it helpful to take time to walk in the woods or at least somewhere close to nature instead of being around computers, buildings and concrete sidewalks all the time.

    Getting the fresh air instead of downtown smoggy air seemed to offset the strain and it felt good to not look at anything that has a backlight for a while. It seemed to make a difference.


    1. Oh, fantastic ideas! I live in the suburbs, but there are several mountains down the street from me, with ponds and walking trails. Thank you for the great tips! I’m going to try them all today 🙂

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