Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes, Ohhh Yeah!

pumpkin pie cupcakes

1 15 oz can pumpkin puree
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3/4 cup evaporated milk
2/3 cup all purpose flour
2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line 12 cup muffin tin with silicone liners, foil liners sprayed with cooking spray or just spray the cups with cooking spray. Either of these three methods will make it easy to take the cupcake out after it’s cooked. Paper liners make it difficult to remove the cupcakes.

Mix the pumpkin, sugar, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla extract and milk. Add the flour, pumpkin spice, salt, baking powder and baking soda to the mixture. Fill each muffin cup with 1/3 cup of the mixture. Bake for twenty minutes and let cool for twenty minutes. Remove cupcakes from pan and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle more pumpkin pie spice on top and serve. Makes 12 cupcakes.

Check out the link below to see the originator or the recipe.



239 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes, Ohhh Yeah!

  1. This recipe is terrible. 20 minutes at 350 degreees at 1/3 cup per cupcake yields uncooked, mushy, and gross cupcakes. They need to be cooked at a minimum of 30 min longer or at a higher temperature.

    Not sure how this recipe even made it through any kind of filter or review process to end up as a recipe.

    1. I think they were supposed to be like that as the title specifically states pumpkin pie cupcakes. I am sure if you like it less pie texture then yes bake it for 30 minutes verses 20 minutes. To each their own views and ideas, that’s how we live, learn and love in the baking world….Happy Holidays Everyone!!

    2. its a pumpkin PIE filled cupcake… not a pumpkin cupcake. cooking it longer defeats the purpose. the photo even showcases the texture in the middle. not sure how your review made it through.

    3. I cooked mine for the 20 minutes and they were perfect! When they first came out of the oven they did look a little squishy but after letting them cool they were fine, except they went flat. But even with them being flat (which actually makes it easier to put whipped cream on them) they were fantastic!

  2. Really delicious and no pesky pie crust to mess with! For me, I think the sugars could even be reduced because these are pretty sweet. I had to stop myself after two muffins, but I could’ve eaten more! Mine rose while baking and fell a bit after I removed them from the oven (flat, not caved in), but pumpkin pie isn’t puffy, so that wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

  3. i made the cupcakes and they turned out flat also.used fresh ingredients.and i live in nebraska,so it can not be the allitude.

  4. Thanks for the recipe! Pumpkin pie is one of my favorites. I am definitely going to try these. They look really moist and scrumptious.

  5. Just a note of advice – I filled these 2/3 full and they dropped down to about a half. If you want a full cup you will want to fill the cup to almost full. You may need to adjust cooking time. None the less they look great and I’m sure my coworkers will love them.

  6. I’m out of evaporated milk, may I substitute low fat half & half? Also the gal who used Splenda… Did you both “Splenda” for the regular white sugar and “Splenda brown sugar blend” for the regular brown sugar??? If yes how did they turnout???

  7. I think a cream cheese frosting would be appropriate. Or, going lighter, cool whip just before serving! Can’t wait to try these!

  8. Made these tonight. I filled the cups to the brim and they are gorgeous looking and smell amazing! I cannot wait to taste them!!

  9. First time making these, wont make again, they were good but filled liners full and as they cooked they ended up being half. They didnt seem done either, toothpick was clean but seemed to mushy in middle, are they suppose to have texture of pie instead od cupcake?

    1. There is absolutely no reason for you to apologize for any of these less than glowing reviews! THESE CUPCAKES ARE AMAZING. They’re like if a Fall-flavored cupcake and a pumpkin pie had the most remarkable confection baby. My wife made these for me and the thought that anyone would not love these is simply beyond my comprehension. Thank you for sharing – now if you need me, I’m going to eat 3 more cupcakes.

  10. Making them right now. First batch came out a little mushy, but super tasty. I didn’t wait for them to cool. πŸ™‚ Once they cooled, they weren’t as mushy. Made mini cupcakes. Yummy!!!

    1. I ju.st made them followed the directions and when I took them out of the oven they fell they did not look like the picture at all

  11. Omg, can people not read? They are called pumpkin Pie cupcakes….I would assume they are like pie in cupcake form, hence the squishy texture…like pie, yum!

    1. I don’t have specific nutritional info on these. But I too do WW, and I charge 7 points for the cup cake portion, taking off any topping. It’s just a guess, but I have been on WW for about 6 years. πŸ™‚

  12. First off there is no need to leave rude comments. If you don’t like the original recipe, tweak it to how you would like it or try a different recipe. The photo posted is very accurate to the texture on the inside as well as the name given…pumpkin “pie” cupcakes, not just pumpkin cupcakes.
    I happened to tweak mine just a tiny bit. I used all the same ingredients as well as amounts, baked at 350 except I baked mine for 35 minutes. It still had that “pie” inside but just a little bit, to how I would personally like it. I also made cream cheese icing instead. Your recipe was absolutely delicious so thank you so much for posting it, I’m so glad I came across it. I’d have to say the only disgusting thing about it is the fact that I ate 4 in a row. Lol!

  13. I just made these. They did fall, but I’m not upset by it like others. Mine made 16 instead of 12. I baked mine for about 30 minutes until the toothpick was mostly clean. They are not posed to be an actual cupcake consistency. They are more like a pie consistency. I had one before I put them in the fridge and I think it tasted delicious. I plan to keep mine in the fridge, just like I would a pie. I’m going to top with whip cream and I bet they will be even more yummy! πŸ™‚

  14. Just made these. They are amazing. I cooked for 25-30 minutes and they came out a little squishy. They are supposed to — they are perfect. More like a little pie cup cake. I, too, think they you could cut the white sugar in half, and they would still be scrumptious. They do fall a little when they cool, but make a nice little lip around the edge for whipped cream.

  15. I just made these. 350 20 min. I thought they was great. you can see by the picture they are more like mini pies then cupcakes. I will make these again, maybe even for thanksgiving your own little pie. How ever i will fill them more as i did fill half full . maybe a bit more sugar. Loved them.

  16. If you look at the picture they look the consistency of pumpkin pie not cake. Going to try them today for work, they look delish!

  17. Just made these. THEY ARE FABULOUS!!! I sprayed my non stick cupcake pan – no liners. Filled full and baked 25 minutes. They did fall a bit after taking them out of the oven, but they are still wonderful. Will be making these many times. 12 is just not enough! Enjoy.

  18. I substituted Rice Flour, coconut sugar for white sugar and about doubled pumpkin pie spice… Still turned out fabulous – Minnie pumpkin pies with and outer edge kind of muffin like.. sprinkled the pumpkin pie spice on the whipped cream topping and oh boy! great healthier treat! I mean no crust no white flour healthier anyway πŸ™‚

    1. Sorry I also double the recipe and used monster muffin top pans.. still made 12 / baked 30min .. PERFECT!

  19. This is an excellent recipe. A true keeper! I used Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix since we are a gluten free family. It worked just fine with no adjustments. We loved that they are a cross between pumpkin pie and a cupcake. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  20. Made these for work and like everyone else they fell but were still delicious. Everyone at work has raved about them and I have been asked to make them for a bake sale fund raiser at work. I topped them with a cream cheese frosting instead of the whipped topping.

  21. Can’t you check cupcakes after 20 mins and do the knife test to check for doneness? That’s what I do with my pumpkin pies. And bake for 5mins at a time till done.

  22. I imagine these are like another recipe I have, they’re more like a pudding rather than a cupcake. And very good. Just make sure you shake the pan a bit, and as long as they aren’t jiggly in the center they should be cooked enough.

  23. This recipe makes 24cupcakes that are like little pies. Not cakey at all. They are wonderful! This time, I put a ginger snap in the bottom of each foil cup (you’re absolutely right that they stick to paper). OMG over the top amazing! I also used fresh pumpkin and nonfat evaporated milk. These are a fall favorite!!!

  24. Soo good! Made them earlier. By mistake left some in for about 3 hrs. Still moist but a bit more set. Great idea for whip cream anything else would probably make the cupcakes too rich.

  25. Oh man, these are sooo good! I made it with slightly less sugar bc one of the commenters said there was too much and I tend to think that with alot of recipes. But this one, in my opinion isn’t asking for too much. I will add the full amount next time. I LOVE the texture how its kind of like a pumpkin pie inside a muffin! This will be included in my favorite fall recipes! Thank you πŸ˜€

  26. Are they supposed to be custard like? They are sticky and just seem like they haven’t baked long enough. Used fresh ingredients and even baked longer than directed. 30-35 minutes.

  27. These cupcakes were a hit. Only thing I suggest is to fill the cups all the way to the top. When they cool they drop down. Quick and easy to make. Great for the upcoming holiday season

  28. These are delicious! Thanks for sharing! My husband liked them with whipped cream, and I plan on trying them with some cream cheese on top for breakfast, yum!

  29. Look at the photo folks – you can clearly see it has a mushy center! Not sure why anyone is surprised at that. I’m not a big pumpkin person but my family is, so I’ll weigh back in with a verdict after I’ve made them.

  30. Are people missing the fact that these are PUMPKIN PIE cupcakes? Pumpkin pie is a moist, mushy thing. I wonder if people were expecting pumpkin cupcakes, as in fluffy, cakey, muffin-like? I think this is meant to be more along the lines of individual crustless pumpkin pies?

  31. I haven’t made these, but if you look at
    the picture, you can see that the center is mushy. It’s like pumpkin pie surrounded by cake. That’s what I would expect the texture to be.

  32. If you know how to bake there is no going wrong …. These are awesome i put a maple cream cheese on with a little pumpkin spice ….they were a hit !!!5 ++++++

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