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Hospital Volunteering



I can’t wait to start volunteering! It’s been such a long process. Blood testing, shots, background check, 2 orientations, quiz’s, essay’s. I finally got my “uniform”! On the 15th I will meet with my supervisor and pick out a department to work in. I am a “non compensated” employee, hahahaha. That’s a very nice way of saying “volunteer”. I’m hoping to work in the Emergency Department. I have one years previous experience at a different hospital, where I worked in Labor/Delivery, Pediatrics, and Post Postpartum. I am prepared to see unpleasant, sad and depressing things-it’s part of being in that environment. I’ve been through a lot in life and have so much understanding for people in pain (physical and emotional). If I can help someone by getting them a warm blanket, water, ice-chips, finding their nurse for them, or holding their hand-I consider that an honor. Of course there will be patients that won’t act appreciative, and that’s ok. I will take the good with the bad!!