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Pure Laziness…


I couldn’t believe this, I had to take a picture! I was at the airport, taking my niece to Disneyland, when I saw this happen. A woman walked by this bin, threw her water bottle, almost hitting me. Really lady? Is it too much trouble to empty the water into the bin and then recycle the bottle? Hahahahaha, geez!!


Art-By Audrey Briggs (2nd piece)


I am donating 2 pieces for the Rochester Contemporary Art Center’s Annual 6×6 Exhibit. This one, simply named “Pinwheel”, will be available for purchase in New York or on-line for $20 bucks. This is press-board, 6″x6″, acrylic, with a high gloss finish. This has a black background with several soft colors making the pinwheel design. Inspired by a Pinwheel Nebula. I love outer-space and science. The backside is affixed with a saw tooth hanger for easy hanging.

Most of my acrylic painting designs are based on how I’m feeling that day, simple as that 🙂